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We hope you will enjoy this issue of the Loddon Valley Link during these difficult times. Once again we are not doing house-to-house distribution but we are increasing the numbers distributed to various collection points - these will be:
the Shop at Sherfield,
the Sherfield Park Shop,
the phone box opposite HouseTwenty8 (Sherfield),
Church End telephone box,
the Sherfield Park Shop,
Sherfield Park Community Centre,
Wellington Farm Shop,
Turgis Green Service Station,
Stratfield Saye telephone box,
The Iron Duke, Stratfield Saye
and the porch at Hartley Wespall Church.
aug20 contents

Welcome to the August edition of the Loddon Valley Link.
What would normally be the packed summer edition full of fetes, shows and parties. This edition is a bit different but still lots of interest.
There’s a few changes in Sherfield village. The Four Horseshoes is changing hands this month. The Coffee Shop and Post Office is reopening and we wish Suzanne and the team all the best going forward (p15).
Sherfield and District show is going online and the committee have been working hard to make it happen. However it won’t work without all of you photographing your entries and putting them in. They especially want to see scarecrows (p11).
Basingstoke's new radio station HHCR is looking for volunteers (p6).
Stratfield Turgis has to have its annual parish meeting to sign off the accounts so there will be a small gathering on the cricket pitch on the 6th August. (p51).
Talking of cricket our centre pages cover Stratfield Turgis and Hartley Wespall Cricket Club is getting back into the swing of things. (p26).
We’ve got contributions from our MP (p20) and borough councillor Chris Tomblin p(22).
The Loddon Valley Link is giving out money again in the form of grants to local organisations. We look forward to hearing from you so we can help (p30).
We’ve got our annual cover photo competition coming up too. Email your entries to the editor (p21)
All that and the villages are slowly getting back to whatever the new normal will be. The Village Hall has news (p12) as does Sherfield Park Community Centre (p13).

Thanks to Chiara for the cover photo.
Let us have your feedback on the magazine by contacting the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to support the Loddon Valley Link you can do this at:

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A few readers have reported getting reports from their virus checker that the magazine download contains a potential virus. This is actually a false positive as we ensure the magazine is checked before publishing but its caused by the various clickable links to websites in the online version of the magazine. However we have stripped out a lot of the backgrond information so hopefully this won't be an issue going forward. August 2020



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