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We hope you will enjoy this issue of the Loddon Valley Link during these difficult times. Once again we are not doing house-to-house distribution but we are increasing the numbers distributed to various collection points - these will be:
the Shop at Sherfield,
the Sherfield Park Shop,
the phone box opposite HouseTwenty8 (Sherfield),
Church End telephone box,
the Sherfield Park Shop,
Sherfield Park Community Centre,
Wellington Farm Shop,
Turgis Green Service Station,
Stratfield Saye telephone box,
The Iron Duke, Stratfield Saye
and the porch at Hartley Wespall Church.

Welcome to the June edition of the Loddon Valley Link. I hope you are finding it informative and interesting during the lockdown, which as I write is still largely in place although it is beginning to ease.

Stephen writes in his letter on the opposite page  about the experience of disabled people for whom the isolation of the lockdown is nothing new. I was recently alerted by a Facebook friend to another article on this topic. The writer is involved in persuading businesses to make adjustments to their workplace so that physical impairments are no longer disabling for their employees. She says that because of the lockdown we are all now disabled, and that this can be related to specific permanent disabilities - so for example the frustrations of video calls, in which it is hard to read body language or know when to speak is are similar problems to those experienced by autistic people. (If you want to read this article you can find it by going to www.forbes.com and searching ‘we have been disabled’.)

Despite the present circumstances we celebrated VE Day in style, with lots of colourful bunting and socially distanced tea parties. You can see some of the many pictures on pp. 26-27. The lovely cake on the cover was made by Natalie Larner, who also took the picture. See p. 28 for the interesting history of this cake. If you have any recipes, book reviews or anything else to help us while away the time do send them to the Editor.

On p. 30 we have the second part of our series on a childhood spent in wartime Sherfield on Loddon, which is appropriate to this time of VE Day commemoration.

The usual puzzles are on p. 42 but this month on p. 38 there is also a general knowledge quiz for children.

As ever we ask you to keep your pictures coming, particularly for the cover. We will be running the Loddon Valley Link Photo Competition as usual (see p. 21). So don’t forget your mobile (or other camera) when you go out for your exercise! If you would like to support the Loddon Valley Link you can do this at:

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A few readers have reported getting reports from their virus checker that the magazine download contains a potential virus. This is actually a false positive as we ensure the magazine is checked before publishing but its caused by the various clickable links to websites in the online version of the magazine. However we have stripped out a lot of the backgrond information this time so hopefully this won't be an issue going forward. If you like the ability to click links in the magazine then use this version June 2020 with links

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