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Welcome to the June 2018 edition. With the arrival (hopefully!) of summer there are plenty of outdoor events going on. Look out in particular for the Sherfield-on-Loddon Summer Fete, Sherfest, and a couple of local open gardens events.
At Loddon Valley Link we are always looking to the future and thinking about the development of the magazine. We are always up for fresh ideas. With this in mind we are currently hoping to recruit a number of volunteers for various roles - an editor, an advertising manager, committee members and distributors. See p. 12 for further details.jun18 contents
While on this subject, it did seem to us on the committee that this is an appropriate time to record a particular vote of thanks to one person in particular. While many people do a lot of work for LVL, there is one person who stands out because of the invaluable support he provides - Simon Boase. He is of course one of the three editors, but it may not be generally known that in addition to this he undertakes many other tasks. He is our webmaster, making sure that the magazine appears on the website every month, managing the email contact list, maintaining the web site and advising us on its development. He also arranges for the purchase of any IT equipment and software we need and often provides much needed training and support. He frequently comes up with great ideas for the print magazine. All this is on top of his busy working life running a technology consulting business. Thank you, Simon!
One of Simon's ideas for LVL was the annual cover photo competition, and we have acquired lots of lovely and useful pictures for the cover from it. We are running the competition again this year; as usual, there will be prizes for the winners to be presented at the Sherfield Show. The deadline is 15 August, so you have plenty of time over the summer to get snapping and send your photos in! This month's beautiful summery cover photo was taken by Lydia Rees.
For the second time this month we have a puzzle page - let us know what you think of it.
As ever, send pictures, or any other comments or questions, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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