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Happy new year! and welcome to the first, newly improved edition of the Loddon Valley Link. We decided to make the magazine bigger to be able to include more content about the local area, and also to have bigger and clearer pictures. Please let us have your feedback and comments on how the new magazine is looking.
This month we include a feature by Ranil Jayawardena. He’s often contributed to the link as a councillor and as our local MP. Now we plan a regular series in which he will discuss issues of local concern, and the work he is doing to address them.
Also new this month is an advertisers' index, which we have introduced to help you to identify local goods and services quickly and easily. In addition you can get an easily searchable list on the website.feb19 contentsAlthough Christmas is over there is plenty going on locally. If you want to see a calendar of localevents this is also available on our website - www.loddonvalleylink.org.uk.
We welcome the recent reopening of the Wellington Arms on p. 15. Stratfield Turgis Parish Meeting are holding their village social there on the 18th February (see p. 38).
On p. 32 Basingstoke Neighbourcare are asking for local volunteers so that they can start a befriending service in this area (they already provide driving services). This is what a community is all about.
I was struck by our minister Stephen's talking about how help from a neighbour can light up a life (p. 7). I recently attended the memorial service of a friend, Madeleine, who was struck down by multiple sclerosis, from which she sadly died last September. She suffered from the disease for nine years but she was always cheerful and made light of her disabilities. Recently she wrote 'Rather than seeing accepting help as a sign of weakness, I have learned to see it as a sign of renewed psychological hardiness in myself and as a community strengthening action.'
This month's cover photo was taken by Venetia Rowland.
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